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Lesley Flanigan and Tristan Perich Get Married at Roulette

Tristan Perich and Lesley Flanigan tony conrad Marriage Roulette
I don't, as they say, do weddings. But, Saturday night's marriage between Tristan Perich and Lesley Flanigan wasn't your typical surf-'n-turf affair at the local banquet hall. No, these guys - who, when they're not jetting around the world as electronic music's it-couple, like to host all-night performance parties in their Gramercy apartment - decided to invite 500 or so of their closest friends (including a who's who of the NYC new music scene) to celebrate with them at Roulette.

And, what a party it was: minimalist pioneer Tony Conrad oversaw the exchanging of vows, accompanied by the tintabulation of chimes; Lucky Dragons played a swirling set of electronic noise that rattled the ceiling lamps; Tristan's iTunes supplied a dance track 10 times better than any wedding DJ would have. But, the quiet highlight of the evening was clearly Lorna Krier's midnight performance of Philip Glass' Mad Rush at the piano: a mesmerizing 10 minute sonata that vacillates between frenzied arpeggios and moments of near stasis. The entire room, which only moments before was spinning wildly out of control, fell into a hushed silence, gripped by Krier's confident delivery of this finger-twisting masterpiece.   

I doubt much will change now that Tristan and Lesley are married: they'll continue to write, craft, build, and push the boundaries of their respective sound worlds, both here and across the globe. But, for one night at least, it was good to see them let their hair down and bask in the collective glow of the most brilliant group of friends anyone could ever hope to have. With a soundtrack to match.Tristan Perich and Lesley Flanigan Marriage Roulette