Evolution Jam Session at the Brooklyn Museum
Zappa Plays Zappa at the Mayo Performing Arts Center

You Are Here Festival at Secret Project Robot

la big vic you are here festivalSaxophonist Sam Hillmer and sculptor Laura Paris (a.k.a. Trouble) started the You Are Here Festival in 2007 with the unusual idea of replacing the unidirectional stage setup of most music venues with a maze, with performers and musicians scattered throughout. The current edition, which runs at Secret Project Robot through Aug. 4, features a maze made of red yarn strung tight on bare wall frames and includes genre-crossing bills with everyone from Extra Life and Noveller to JACK Quartet.

Loud Objects (sans Tristan, who is reportedly "up north" with Lesley) soddered circuits on an overhead projector, creating their familiar hyperkinetic build of electronic noise. La Big Vic was more meandering, with violinist/vocalist Emilie Friedlander striving for a Grimes-like keen but only ending up with soft muddle. (She was joined by synth player Peter Pearson and Japanese synth/guitar player Toshio Masuda.)

 Full lineups below the jump; more pics on the photo page.


  • Phonetag
  • Free Blood
  • Hieroglyph Thesaurus (formerly Nine 11 Thesaurus)
  • WISH


  • JACK Quartet
  • C. Spencer Yeh
  • Higgins: Electronics with Strings
  • Tianna Kennedy


  • Xeno and Oaklander
  • Guardian Alien
  • Cellular Chaos
  • Black Jeans
  • Uumans


  • Dome Theater
  • Amen Dunes
  • Hunter Hunt Hendrix' Kel Valhaal
  • Diamond Terrifier
  • Psychic Reality
  • Das Racist DJs


  • Extra Life
  • Larkin Grimm
  • Beige
  • Ice Choir
  • Das Racist DJs


  • Artanker Convoy
  • Mas Ysa
  • Driphouse
  • Eric Wubbels


  • Dome Theater
  • Noveller
  • Black Crown Ceremony
  • GSOL
  • Cool Places Sound Systems DJs