Newport Jazz Festival 2012: Sunday Recap
Grand Band at (Le) Poisson Rouge

Pablo Ziegler and Lara St. John Play Piazzolla at Naumburg Bandshell

naumburg bandshell

Nearly twenty-five years to the day, Ziegler returned to the bandshell last night to recreate that famous concert before a crowd of over 1,000, with thousands more listening on WQXR. Joining him were guitarist Claudio Ragazzi, bandoneón player Héctor Del Curto, bassist Andrew Roitstein and the concert violinist Lara St. John, who grew up in Canada listening to Piazzolla recordings at the same time she was becoming acquainted with Bach, Vivaldi and Mozart.

"My dad was a huge Argentinophile," she told WQXR's Midge Woolsey, "if there is such a thing."

St. John played from memory, wearing a flowing red and black dress that evoked the spirit of tango. But, though the concert was all her idea, she never attempted to steal the limelight, displaying an almost awed deference to Ziegler. Ziegler, for his part, just seemed happy to be out on a warm August night, just like he was 25 years ago. 

pablo ziegler and lara st. john
Program below. Pics on the photo page.


Piazzolla Michelangelo
Piazzolla Muerte del Angel 
Piazzolla Introduccion del Angel
Piazzolla Tanguedia (La Camorra) 
Piazzolla Mumuki
Piazzolla Fuga y Misterio
Ziegler Milonga del Adios 
Piazzolla Escualo
Piazzolla Adios Nonino 
Piazzolla Lunfardo
Ziegler Muchacha de Boedo 
Piazzolla Libertango