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WQXR Discussion on Avery Fisher Hall Renovation

by FoM Avery Fisher Hall - DumpLongtime readers of FoM know that I haven't minced words about the visual and aural eyesore that is Avery Fisher Hall, by far the worst concert hall of any major orchestra in the U.S., if not the world. So, imagine my excitement when the Times reported last week that plans are finally underway to renovate that godforsaken barn, though construction is "not expected to start before 2017." No rush, NYPhil.

Last week, I was invited to participate in a WQXR roundtable discussion (albeit remotely) on the AFH renovation with NY Mag's music and architecture critic Justin Davidson and Carroll Joynes, a senior research fellow at the of the University of Chicago. For my part, I talked about what Lincoln Center could learn from some of the more successful new halls I've visited over the past year - including LA's Disney Hall, Miami's New World Center, and Montreal's Maison Symphonique - as well as from the rock world. No word if Matthew or Alan were listening. 

Listen to the full discussion below or online, and share your own thoughts below.