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Brooklyn Next @ BAM

Dsc03378_1 Last night at BAM, the Brooklyn Next Festival presented a program of artists associated with Galapagos, the performance space/cafe in Williamsburg. First up was Bora Yoon, who played various instruments (including a violin, acoustic guitar, cell phone, and Tibetan singing bowl) into a sampler, and then sang vocalise over the loop. The effect was delicate and ethereal, though perhaps a bit too pretty for a late Saturday night.

Dsc03380_2Far less delicate was Destiny Handbag, who sang about suicide and personal hygeine, ventriloquizing over recordings of her own voice. Irreverant and hilarious, she was the big hit of the night.

Dsc03381_2For me, though, the most fascinating discovery of the evening was Radio Wonderland, who, taking a page from the UK's Scanner, took live samples from FM radio and turned them into an extended dance remix. Probably the only time I'll ever hear Mozart mixed with a "Filet O' Fish" commercial. Unfortunately, Wonderland went on about 20 minutes too long, losing some of the crowd. But, this is definitely someone to watch.

In all, a fun night of new sounds from the borough that never sleeps. (And, no, I don't mean Manhattan ;)