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Wordless Music

Dsc03764Time is short and events (after work) are long, so just a quickie about the Wordless Music concert this past Monday night. The Good Shepherd Church hosted an overflow house to see Icelandic girl quartet Amiina (pictured), best known as the touring mates of Sigur Ros. They played ambient rock on a multitude of pricey instruments that was pretty, delicate - and, frankly, not all that interesting. Still, the kids seemed to love it - or, at least the hype of it all.

Earlier, Swiss pianist Gilles Vonsattel gave a performance of Ravel's "Ondine" and Bartok's Out of Doors, playing with both German precision and French passion. The Bartok was especially well done, with the music exploding at the end.

For me, the discovery of the night was Eluvium, otherwise known as multi-instrumentalist Matthew Cooper, whose sound vacillated between Michael Nyman and Mogwai, depending on the instrument he was playing. A projection of silhouetted birds against a mint green sky drew your attention away from Cooper and had a hypnotic, calming effect. That is, until the music turned dissonant, and the birds flew en masse into an industrial smokestack.

Two more concerts in the series, with the venue switching to the Society of Ethical Culture on CPW on April 30. That concert features The Books, who will then be flying off to Rome to participate in the Dissonance Festival, which also features a concert dedicated to the music of Karlheinz Stockhausen (which I'll be at - more about that later.)