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Taking off

Dsc04016I'm flying to Italy tonight, but wanted to at least share a couple of pics from this past Monday's Wordless Music concert, featuring Real Quiet and The Books at the Society for Ethical Culture.  Both bands featured cello, though with different roles: it provided the core of Real Quiet's minimalist set, while it served more as a bass for The Books. The Books technically weren't "wordless": Nick Zammuto sang soulful lyrics to artfully produced video projections, but I don't think anyone minded.

Dsc04023One more Wordless Music show on Saturday, May 26, back at the Good Shepherd Faith Church. Director Ronen Givony, who Alex Ross gave a great write up to in The New Yorker a few weeks ago, announced the exciting lineup for next season, including Nico Muhly and Johnny Greenwood of Radiohead, who apparently has written a symphony(!)  Seems like Ronen's tapped into something much, much bigger than anyone realized when he got started last September.

I'll be attending a couple of musical events in Rome and Venice, and will attempt to post them if I can find my way to a cybercafe. Ciao for now!