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A Quartet in Hipsterville

Chiara650Once upon a time, I had a dream of recruiting Juilliard and Manhattan School of Music students to play chamber music concerts at Billyburg clubs like Pete's Candy Store and Galapagos, but I never quite managed to get the project off the ground. Imagine my reaction, then, when I saw Bernard Holland's Times review of the Chiara String Quartet's gig this past Friday at the new Rose Live Music. With a program of movements by Haydn, Mozart, and Brahms, as well as Shostakovich's complete 8th quartet, they apparently rocked the house, consisting mostly of young locals, "who wouldn't be caught dead in Alice Tully Hall," according to Holland. Between Rose Live Music, Barbes and the Baryshnikov Arts Center, it seems like there may be some real momentum to bringing back the boozy salon atmosphere Schubert and Beethoven would have known and loved.  (Photo by Richard Termine, courtesy of The Times)