Weekend Pics - Sunday

Headin' For the Mountains

Dsc00136_3 I will be on vacation next week, taking a road trip through Idaho, Montana and Wyoming with my friend Tom: a classmate of mine from ND and a fellow National Parks enthusiast. There likely won't be too many musical happenings to report on, though there is the Eastern Idaho State Fair in Pocatello on Saturday...

I will be back a week from Sunday, in time for the first NYC installment of Farm Aid, featuring Willie Nelson, Neil Young, Dave Matthews, John Mellencamp, The Allman Brothers, Counting Crows, Merle Haggard - and none other than the King of Polka himself, Jimmy Sturr. Tickets available at Ticketmaster.

Three days later, I'll be flying down to Austin, TX to visit my brother and his family, as well as attend the 5th annual Austin City Limits Festival - of which this will be my fourth. Currently, I have tix for Fri, and am trying to finagle a way into Saturday's show. Not to mention the afterparties, both official and not.

For those who might think I've been getting away a bit from my orchestral roots over the past couple of weeks, here's a sample of some of the CD's I'll be bringing on this trip (no, I don't have an iPod)

  • John Adams, The Dharma at Big Sur; Harmonielehre; Harmonium
  • Olivier Messiaen, La Nativite du Seigneur
  • George Crumb, Black Angels
  • Richard Wagner, Das Rheingold
  • Bela Bartok, Concerto for Orchestra; Music for Strings Percussion Celesta
  • Leif Inge, 9 Beet Stretch
  • Philip Glass, Symphony No. 3
  • Steve Reich, Music for 18 Musicians
  • Stravinsky, Right of Spring, Firebird
  • Shostakovich, Symphony No. 5
  • Beethoven, Symphony No. 5
  • Bruckner, Symphony No. 5
  • Mahler, Symphony No. 3