And Now For Something Completely Different...
And There Was Light

Jessica Lee @ Barbes


I made it back from the LSO in time to catch this month's installment of Barbes Classical, featuring the talented young violinist Jessica Lee playing before an intimate crowd. She started with a fiendishly difficult Bach Chaconne, continued with a Paganini caprice, and ended the first half with two pieces by Korean composer Isang Yun. The second half consisted of the Tchiakovsky Violin Concerto, with the orchestra part played on piano by a friend of Lee's. Which made me wonder: what's the difference between a concerto and a sonata? The setting was far from ideal - and I swear I'm going to hurt someone if I have to hear one more performance of that concerto - but I did hear some gritty detail that would otherwise have been swallowed up by a concert hall, or out in some park.

The next concert on Nov. 11 mixes things up a bit, featuring the Parker Quartet playing with house band Las Rubias Del Norte. Pa210013