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Book_cover_3 For those who missed it, Alex Ross had a excellent and enlightening piece in last week's New Yorker about how the Web might just save classical music: from blogs, to webstreams, to Naxos downloads. No mention of this particular venture - which I'll chalk up to my increasing musical schizophrenia - but he does call out a couple of Bay Area blogs that are worth a glance.

Yesterday, the hosting service Alex and I share published a brief interview with him, where he discusses the ever-growing appeal of music blogging:

"The blog allows me to indulge in a kind of writing that I couldn't pull off anywhere else — a little bit sly, a little bit whimsical, a little bit aphoristic, a little bit poetic, some days nothing more than a photo, other days a fragment of an essay. It's a very "now" medium, but it also somehow harks back to the nineteenth century when authors would publish bits and pieces of treatises and diaries in the columns of newspapers."

You can always count on Alex for just that right dash of esoterica...

He's out on the left coast right now, touring bookstores in tandem with the recent release of his debut book, The Rest Is Noise, but will be back in Gotham next week with a pair of events, including the Halloween-themed "An Evening of Spooky Modern Music," featuring a performance by pianist Ethan Iverson at the National Arts Club. Tickets are $25, and include cocktails.