(Much)More Than You'd Expect

Miami Music

Dsc01565My friend Liz and I spent this past weekend at the sixth annual Art Basel Miami Beach, which, with it's more than 20 satellite fairs, has grown into the largest art event in the world. Among the thousands of works of art, we saw a sound installation at the Rubell Collection called "Geist Ueber Materie" ("Mind Over Matter"), which happened to be the first thing I saw after learning of Stockhausen's death. At the Art Positions, a set of shipping containers converted into miniature gallery spaces, Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard set up Silent Sound: a dark listening chamber with a recording of an orchestral score by J. Spaceman of Spiritualized, meant to replicate the aural experience of a live performance. At the main fair, there were numerous paintings and sculptures that incorporated musical themes. Dsc01648

Dsc01651There was also an almost-endless lineup of parties with live musical acts. Friday night, I saw reggae acts playing in empty lots and rock bands playing in shop windows and street corners. On Saturday, we settled on the F*ck Art Let's Dance party at the Pawn Shop Lounge, across from the new Carnival Center for the Performing Arts. Danny Krivit spun old school house inside, while headliners Japanther ended up playing in the middle of a frenetic mosh pit, frequently crashing into singer Ian Vanek's drumkit. Fun times.