Music to Live By
A Sat Night in Feb - Part 1

For Andrew

P2220121The jazz community - and those who hang with them - turned out in force last night at Tea Lounge to support the benefit for saxophonist/composer Andrew D'Angelo. $20 got you a copy of Andrew's just-released CD, Skadra Degis, along with two beers from the bar; friends carried a bucket around to collect whatever else they could. I got there in time to catch Trevor Dunn's Trio Convulsant and a group of Andrew's compatriots (Jim Black, Chris Speed, Oscar Noriega, and Trevor Dunn) playing his compositions.

P2220124I put Skadra Degis on this afternoon, and was immediately taken aback by its range: from hard bop to acid and experimental, haunting dirge to ecstatic hymn, violent rage to sunburst. This is not the elegy of a man ready to lie down: it's the soundtrack to a Battle in the Heavens, with both opponents beating the crap out of each other. Just try on "25 Hits" for size:

The last track on the album, "Gay Disco," sounds like a victory lap around the vanquished foe. Let's save that one for when Andrew gets well. Trevor Dunn's Trio Convulsant (Trevor Dunn - Bass, Mary Halvorson - Guitar, Ches Smith - Drums)



Jim Black, Chris Speed, Oscar Noriega, and Trevor Dunn, playing D'Angelo