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Pledgeometer08_325k_3 I'm not usually in the habit of shilling for institutions, but if you haven't done so already, you really need to get on sending in your pledge to WFMU. I just heard Tony Coulter and Scott Williams talking on air, chiding our other public broadcasting institutions who hold multiple annoying fund drives every year, with a good chunk of the proceeds going to pay the overinflated salaries of their top executives. (Yes, Laura Walker, they meant you.) These guys hold one fundraiser a year, because to do more, as Coulter puts it, would mean "selling their souls." (In case you were wondering, all the DJs at WFMU are volunteers.) As a result, they barely raise enough money to keep the lights on: Williams said there was a leak last year right over the turntables, and instead of calling a contractor to come fix it, they used a rain bucket. For two months. Sounds like my old college radio days...You can use the pledge widget I pasted in a couple of posts down, or call them up at 800-989-9368. C'mon, you know you want that T-shirt.

Also, there will be a second benefit for musician Andrew D'Angelo at Barbes tomorrow night, starting at 8p. Judging from the overflow crowd that packed the much larger Tea Lounge last week, my advice to you is: Get there early. And, be generous.