A Sat Night in Feb - Part 2
Different Strings

It's All the Same To Me

Dsc03673I wish I could have brought along some of my hip(st)er friends on my L-train journey last night. The Juilliard String Quartet may not be the hippest bunch of musicians in town, but anyone that wants to hear what a tight, polished band sounds like owes it to themselves to check these guys out. The Haydn and Verdi were delicate and precise; the Shostakovich literally knocked the air out of the room. Unfortunately, you'll probably have to pay $60 for the privilege; I paid $9, courtesy of the People's Symphony.


Of the two bands I saw at Glasslands last night, Wisconsin's Bon Iver impressed the most, combining high-register vocals and electronics with impressive chops on an acoustic and electric guitar. On "Blindsided," singer Justin Vernon went into overdrive, knocking over the microphone as he made his way to play on top of the drum kit.

I guess you could say that, to cop a phrase, I'll fall for anyone who can make me stare at the ceiling and see the sky.

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Dsc03664Dsc03679_2Juilliard String Quartet Dsc03694Bon Iver  Dsc03698 Dsc03708Dsc03715Dsc03736


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