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Around 1am this morning, after three openers and soundchecks, things finally got interesting at the Market Hotel. Montreal's AIDS Wolf played a speedball set of noisecore, fronted by the banshee-like Chloe Lum. I've definitely grown a thing for this combination of freakish female vocals and wailing, discordant guitars, delivered with a searing, almost dangerous intensity (i.e. Evangelista, These Are Powers).

Deerhunter took the stage around 2am, but it was closer to 2:30 once they got their sound issues resolved. Bradford Cox, the band's lead singer and chief songwriter, said that they'd just finished recording their new album, and were going to play it through for us. "This is going to sound kinda rough," he apologized upfront. Actually, the band sounded pretty tight as they sailed through the album, mixing Cox's queer vocals with Sonic Youth-like walls of guitar. Unfortunately, half the crowd wasn't around any longer to hear it.

Dsc05626I wouldn't normally have a beef with the lateness of the gig, but it was advertised as a Deerhunter show, not one of Todd P's usual potluck showcases that he puts on three or four nights a week. I mean, four openers? Dude, is that really necessary? (More pics after the jump.)

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