Better Late Than Never
Worth the Wait

Funny, I Don't Feel Like a VIP

Image001 I don't know about this All Points West. Once the ferry landed, I had to walk a solid mile through the rain to the festival gates (a far cry from when Radiohead last played here in 2001, where they dropped you off right at the entrance.) Then, when I get to VIP - at the way far end of the festival grounds - I learn they're offering exactly...nothing. (Well, there were massages, if you're into that sort of thing.) I head to the adjacent beer tent - which charges $9 for Red Hook - and am told that there's a five beer purchase limit per person for the duration (kept track by means of tear-off tabs on my wristband). Whatever - at these prices, I seriously doubt I'll use them all anyway.

Weirdly, the nearby mainstage is sparsely attended for The New Pornographers (sans Neko Case), who are normally big-draw material. I imagine it'll be a much different situation 3 hours from now, as everyone clamors for space at the Blue Comet Stage to catch a glimpse of Radiohead.

Off to see Grizzly Bear as soon as I finish this beer. (No cash and carry here.)