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August 2008

Saratoga Nightcap

After an hour of fruitless wandering around downtown Saratoga in search of something other than tepid coverbands, I stop in the Circus Cafe on my way home and am blown away by Albany-based bluesman George Boone, who sounds like the second coming of B.B. King (right down to his King-signed Epiphone.) Boone is the real deal: the roadhouse maverick King was before he became a icon, jumping up on the bar and screaming his vocals in a caterwaul. Just goes to show you never know what you'll find outside the bright city lights; hope to see him downriver sometime. Saratoga Nightcap

Saratoga Nights

I didn't think I'd end up falling for a local jazz band named Flavor, playing in the center strip of downtown Saratoga's Mardi Gras-like madness. But, these guys have solid chops and killer hooks, enough to get half the bar up dancing. Saratoga Nights