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Walk Into The Sun

Image067 When Deerhunter's Bradford Cox sang "Strange Lights" to close their set on this gorgeous, sunny afternoon at McCarren Pool, the clouds suddenly shifted just enough to light up the stage. Things like that seem to happen at McCarren more than most places - which is just one more reason to mourn this beloved old space's imminent demise. (See Ben Sisario's story from Friday's Times for background.). As they finished up, Cox fired up the feedback, eliciting an excruciating, ecstatic wail. But that was nothing next to the subesquent sight of opener King Khan mooning the audience with a wildflower up his asscrack. Next up: The Black Lips.

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King Khan and the Shrines (South Georgia)

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Deerhunter (Atlanta, GA)

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The Black Lips (Atlanta, GA)Image084

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