Fall Preview
$8? Ok

This is Bleecker Street?


Have I mentioned how Le Poisson Rouge is quickly becoming my new home-away-from-home? The place - on an unlikely stretch of Bleecker Street that houses underage bars like Peculier Pub and The Back Fence - has the most open booking policy of any establishment NYC venue in recent memory, vacillating effortlessly between the worlds of classical, jazz, folk and indie rock. And, they pull it off in a comfortable, intimate venue with variable seating, strong sound and killer lights.


One big reason for the club's early success was their decision to retain Ronen on staff, who has moved his successful Wordless Music franchise within their confines. Case in point: Tuesday night's double-bill, featuring Icelandic singer-songwriters Ólöf Arnalds and Skuli Sverisson (who were joined by Nico Muhly and Laurie Anderson, respectively), and Atlanta's awesome Deerhunter. It was the most extreme and satisfying set of music I've heard in a long time: Arnalds started out sweet and soft, Sverisson followed it up with a heavy drone, and Deerhunter knocked it out with an ecstatic, ear-piercing shriek. The beers may be overpriced and the sightlines occasionally blocked by pillars, but LPR has already established itself as one of the most satisfying places to catch live music in New York. 


I'll be back tonight to see Crystal Stilts and High Places, who blew me away at the East Village Radio Music Festival this past Sunday. This weekend brings Signal performing Steve Reich's Music for 18 Musicians and You Are (Variations). Tickets for both are available at the box office. (More pics after the jump.)


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