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Park Slope: Home of American Music


DSC04156 One of my primary joys - usually indulged while traveling, or on occasional free weekends here - is to put on headphones and walk around some quiet area, preferably near some water, maybe a few trees. Everything takes on an added resonance, amplified by the music.

Composer Betsey Biggs has developed that ambulatory pastime with her new piece, "Eleven Dreams In Red Hook." On any given Saturday this month, you can find Biggs sitting at a folding table outside the new Brooklyn Ikea, filled with CDs, tapes and a Mac ProBook. You give her your license, and she hands you an iPod shuffle and a map to the eleven neighborhood locations that inspired her soundscapes. She overlays audio samples with digital effects that are occasionally soothing, often stark and jarring. The net effect is a heart-heavy journey through a neighborhood in transition, but one where ghosts lurk around every corner.

I'm usually drawn to Red Hook by the eerie quiet of its remote confines. Biggs gives us a reason to visit that is anything but quiet but nothing short of enticing. Stop by one of these Saturdays and see/hear for yourself. Image002