ACL Sunday Pics
Cocktail Conversation: Caleb Burhans

Local Music

DSC06436 I'm in North Carolina this weekend, primarily to see Notre Dame play UNC in football with my friend Tom, who lives here now. ND lost today, but the evening is salvaged with a visit to Local 506, one of the two main indie venues in Chapel Hill (the other being the renowned Cat's Cradle.) It's a small place, about 200 capacity, with a well-worn bar and basement vibe. And, we were able to walk right up and get tickets (though, because this is North Carolina, you also need to buy a supplemental $3 membership.)

hicago's Walter Meego opened, their warm synth sound mixed with edgy effects, making me think I was back at my high school social. Headlining now is Syracuse's Ra Ra Riot, who are whipping up a dancey vibe with a complement of six, including a high-pitched lead singer and a pair of girls playing cello and violin. It's easy to fall for players like this: they add passion, lyricism and, yes, looks to the mix. Must be something about all those cold places up north

I talked to Walter Meego's guitarist Andrew Bernhardt for a minute afterwards, and he let me know that the tour is passing through New York next week for a pair of shows at Bowery Ballroom and Music Hall of Williamsburg. Hope you've got your tix already: both shows are totally sold out. (More pics after the jump.)