Wait, is this SXSW?
R.I.P. Lenny

Still Bad

DSC07512I never made it back to Knitting Factory tonight., but the hip-hop party came to me in the form of Miami vets (and 1st Ammendment poster children) 2 Live Crew, who are reuniting for their first album in 10 years. These days, it's only half of the original Crew - Brother Marquis and Fresh Kid Ice - but who cares when they're hitting classics like "Me So Horny," "Hoochie Mama," and "We Want Some Pussy," along with several other titles unfit for a family publication such as this. The crowd was filled with pale-faced kids who were probably in diapers when "As Bad As They Wanna Be" went double-platinum in  '89, but that didn't stop them from getting all nasty on the dancefloor. A wild finish to another CMJ. (More pics below.)