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Love Those Lists

I'm not typically a fan of lists, but Gramophone's newly-released list of the Top 20 orchestras is the world is worth a gander, if only for pure amusement. The top four aren't much of a surprise (nor is #12), but Budapest ahead of Dresden or Leipzig? What about Paris? And, honestly, that #18 orchestra should be way higher(For the record, I haven't heard either #14 or #19. Yet.)


1. Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Amsterdam 

2. Berlin Philharmonic 

3. Vienna Philharmonic 

4. London Symphony Orchestra 

5. Chicago Symphony Orchestra 

6. Bavarian Radio Symphony 

7. Cleveland Orchestra 

8. Los Angeles Philharmonic

9. Budapest Festival Orchestra 

10. Dresden Staatskapelle

11. Boston Symphony Orchestra 

12. New York Philharmonic 

13. San Francisco Symphony 

14. Mariinsky Theatre Orchestra

15. Russian National Orchestra 

16. Saint Petersburg Philharmonic 

17. Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra 

18. Metropolitan Opera Orchestra

19. Saito Kinen Symphony Orchestra 

20. Czech Philharmonic