Mean Fiddler

Lounge Lizards


Los Angeles has always had a thing for lounge acts: offbeat singers who sing amusing, occasionally scathing lyrics in small rooms filled with kitsch. Which might be the inspiration for Ethan Lipton & His Orchestra, who brought their offbeat act to Barbes last night. Lipton, an L.A. native who now lives in Red Hook, comes across as somewhere between Tony Shaloub and Tony Clifton, disarming the crowd with his easy manner before flaying us with his hilarious, tongue-in-cheek songs. (Lipton is also a successful playwright.) Take "Bossy Man":

"You need a bossy man to love you
 a bossy man to hold you close
a bossy man to dress and care for you
 a bossy man to take control
you need a man to make your mind up
 a bossy man to set you free
 from all of life’s upsetting choices
 like what to do and who to be."

You can take back Paris and Lindsay: this is one L.A. export we could use some more of in this town.