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For those who haven't been checking out the Concert Calendar, I'll be traveling back to Austin tomorrow for the 23rd annual SXSW Music Festival. After last year's overindulgence in all things indie, I wasn't overly eager to put myself through the insanity again this year. But, the airfare was cheap, the weather's warm, and my friend Pete - who's never been to Austin - practically begged me to bring him down this year. Well, maybe twisted my arm a little...

This year, though, I refused to pony up for either a wristband or a badge, what with the literally dozens of free parties that happen each day and night (not the least of which is Saturday's Mess With Texas 3, featuring the Black Lips, Kid Sister, and nearly 30 other bands in Waterloo Park.) If there's an official showcase we absolutely need to catch, we can always pay our way in. Usually...

I'll be posting updates as often as possible, with pics as soon as I find a reliable Internet connection. And, by all means give a shout if anyone else out there is heading down.

(P.S. This is a must-see.)