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SXSW 2009 - Friday Recap

What's Wrong With This Picture

Metallspan(photo courtesy of Josh Haner, NY Times)

Some of you may have heard about this "secret" show that Metallica played at Stubb's Friday night. Or the Kanye West show Saturday night at the Levis/Fader Fort. Or the Playboy-sponsored Jane's Addiction show the night before. And, I'm sure many of you wished you could have been at one or more of them.

Well, I have a question for you: What the hell is your problem? 

For all those who've forgotten, SXSW is supposed to be for unsigned bands, the place where fans and industry types go to discover new talent. Having a platinum-selling band like Metallica play a show in support of their new version of Guitar Hero isn't just a distraction, it's downright offensive. 

All those wondering when the death knell for the music industry will finally toll, it just sounded.  And, anyone who refuses to call it out as complete bullshit is nothing but an accomplice. Or a stooge.