Rock Trio
Dan the Man

Beautiful Night


Recipe for happiness: ride the J train to Bushwick, grab a 28 oz. beer at the corner deli, walk over to the vacant lot next door and pay $10 to hear Todd P unleash some serious sonic mayhem on the neighborhood, much like he did at Ms. Bea's in Austin this past March. The locals here seem either unfazed or indifferent, save for the curious pair who've pulled desk chairs out onto their makeshift patio to hear Teeth Mountain's jungle-like noise, made from violin, sax, drums, guitar and keys. Midway through one of their jams, the M train - which passes directly overhead - slows and blows its siren in salute. 

In between sets, the DJ drops some cheesy dance pop with the chorus: "It's a beautiful night. It's a beautiful life." Indeed. Next up: soul-electro trio Future Islands, followed by Dan Deacon and his (large) ensemble. Swing by if you're in the nabe. (More pics below.)

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