Canadian Quartets

Sky As Ceiling

Sky As CeilingAmong the many magical moments encountered along this afternoon's Soundwalk - a flutist duetting with the birds, a clarinetist accompanying a poem about canoeing on the Grand River - the one which remains fixed in my mind's eye was the sight of a solo soprano singing birdsong atop a limestone cliff some 400 million years old, wildflowers gathered below. Just as she reached climax, the sun popped out from behind the clouds above her: a moment of stunning drama worthy of Wagner. And, just as suddenly, she was gone.

When I mentioned it to Schaefer at the reception afterwards, he reminded me that you can't ever plan moments like that, but with outdoor performance they are at least possible. " I can guarantee it won't ever happen inside a concert hall," he reminded me. (More soundwalk pics below.)