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Posies @ Bell House


I made my way down to The Bell House last night to see Seattle's The Posies, who had their heyday back in the mid-90's playing a sort-of bubblegum rock/pop that had its fine points but ultimately couldn't stand up to the caterwaul of their grunge brethren. Still, they have legions of loyal fans, many of whom packed the barn last night to hear them play their 1993 album, Frosting on the Beater. Guitarist Ken Stringfellow jumped around the stage like he was 22 while Jon Auer lent his high, unaffected voice to hits like "Dream All Day" and "Lights Out." They rocked out on a couple of numbers, but for the most part were content to play soft and mellow. Openers Tally Hall played Beatles-like harmonies, looking dapper in their matching vests and ties. (More pics below.)


Tally Hall (Ann Arbor, MI)

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The Posies (Seattle, WA)DSC05248DSC05257DSC05269 DSC05261DSC05266DSC05271DSC05277