Quiet Hour


Well, at least they're appropriately named: after taking nearly 40 minutes to set up, Chicago post rock vets Tortoise finally started their marathon-ending set at 11:32 tonight. So much for being ahead of schedule... The first couple of numbers are a bit proggy, a bit jammy. But the third (sorry, no titles when there's no talking from the stage) uses a pair of vibes to play a repeating theme that sounds a lot like the other stuff that's been heard here the rest of the afternoon and evening. Not that any of the indie kids who just got here would know that. 

(If you're looking for a slightly more eloquent description on Tortoise, check out my friend Brendan's guest post from last summer.)

Alright, I'm going home. Hats off to BOAC for pulling off another beast of a day. More/better pics to come.IMG00072.jpg