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Breakfast at Sulimay's

I've been a bit under the weather this week after the big 4th of July BBQ (next year: more ventilation) which has given me time to surf around the web for the latest in musical musings. Which is how I landed upon Breakfast at Sulimay's: a series of videos featuring indie and alt-band reviews hosted by three old codgers from a Philadelphia diner. It's irreverant, silly - and refreshingly free of the hype and peer influence the typically plagues online music reviews. Just check out this review of Wilco (thumbs up) and the Dirty Projectors (thumbs down). (Viewer discretion advised: Ann's got quite the potty mouth.)

The ringleader is 84-year old Joe Walker: a gravelly-voiced Army veteran who looks catatonic until he opens his mouth, when he reveals himself to be surprisingly knowledgeable and open-minded - despite his oft-stated preference for vintage jazz. Joe also does band interviews on the side, including this gem with Toronto's Holy Fuck, which the band liked so much they posted it on their own Myspace page. Go for the laughs, stay for the scrapple.