Venus & Neptune (?)
Sunday on the Roof

Wall of Sound


A Place to Bury Strangers have been called the "loudest band in New York," a dubious claim at best in this town. What they are is a trio of powerhouse musicians who create increasingly complex layers of sound, via blazing drums, soaring guitars and an array of effects pedals. (Lead singer/guitarist Oliver Ackerman is also the proprietor of Williamsburg pedal shop/indie venue Death By Audio.) Hearing them for the first time on the Stillwell Stage at yesterday's Siren Festival, their music had the same echoing, trippy feel of a dozen other bands-of-the-minute, but with a tightness of construction that washed over me like the constant, roaring waves of the nearby Atlantic. My only beef was that the visceral impact of their sound seemed to dissipate in the open air. Hope to get to hear them indoors sometime, but I'd better remember the earplugs. (More pics below.)