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"Put On Cronkite"


Walter Cronkite's place in history will forever be defined by the above phrase: when the world went crazy during the 60's and 70's, people turned to the former CBS anchor - who passed away yesterday at 92 - to give them the straight story, with authority and grace. For 20 years, Cronkite not only reported the news, he was the news. His kind will not be seen again.

In his retirement, Cronkite also became a great friend of music, hosting the annual New Year's Concert from Vienna for over 20 years. He was also apparently something of a rock fan, as CBS News president Sean McManus noted yesterday:

"He loved the Grateful Dead. He collected drums, including one from Mickey Hart. He adopted them and they adopted him; he was totally a fan. There were many sides to Walter."

For those who never got to see a Cronkite broadcast, the video below will give you some sense of who he was and what he stood for.