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Summer Styling

DSC08723 I didn't make it to the Williamsburg waterfront in time to catch DD/MM/YYYY yesterday afternoon, but still had fun wandering the surprisingly sparse crowd while listening to the hip hop stylings of DJ Prince Paul and Del the Funk Homosapien. (I was less impressed with the sloppy mess known as Gravy Train!!!!) But, as usual, the real styling was out in the audience. I swear, I've never seen so much ink. (More pics below.)

DSC08704DSC08709DSC08711DSC08712DSC08713DSC08714DSC08715DJ Prince Paul DSC08717DSC08718DSC08720DSC08728DSC08743Del the Funk HomosapienDSC08729  DSC08734DSC08731 DSC08739  DSC08742DSC08746  DSC08750 DSC08752DSC08749  DSC08754DSC08758  DSC08759 DSC08766DSC08761 DSC08740