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Stars of the Pit


I was sitting in the second tier box closest to the stage at last night's Mark Morris performance at the Rose Theater, part of this week's ongoing Mostly Mozart festivities. It may not have been the best vantage point from which to see the dancers, but it hung directly over the most starry pit band I've ever witnessed: Yo-Yo Ma, Manny Ax and Brooklyn Rider's Colin Jacobsen, playing chamber music by Beethoven, Ives and Schumann. The performance was captivating and completely sold out - which is a good thing. But, when you have two of the world's great instrumentalists performing live, at what point does the music distract from the goings-on onstage? Or, vise versa? Hell, even Yo-Yo couldn't keep from looking up during pauses. And, during curtain calls, both they and Morris couldn't stop applauding each other.

There are two more performances tonight and tomorrow, if you're curious to check it out for yourself. (Both are sold out, but you can probably get a return/extra. More pics below.)