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City Sirens

09.8.27 014

You know how some singers just have that thing? You know: the kind of magnetism that makes you want to get up off your ass and just dance? Well, I saw not one, but two hot young ladies last night who pretty much blew me out of my seat like Maverick in Top Gun. Early evening, Jemina Pearl tore up City Hall park with a set that was part Gwen Stefani, part Iggy Pop (who appears on her debut Break It Up, due out in October) and all confidence. Pearl, 22, strutted and shimmied like she's been doing this for years (which she has, having formerly fronted Nashville outfit Be Your Own Pet for five years.) Watch out for this girl. 

Later, I made my way out to Brooklyn Bowl in Williamsburg for In Sound's 10th anniversary party. A ridiculously fun place, with lodge paneling,, two bars, and 16 bowling lanes. Oh, and it's a top-notch venue, with a state of the art stage under wood-beam ceilings and a big-ass disco ball. The lineup was a bit of a mixed bag, but was worth the trip for These Are Powers, who are now touring in support of their new LP Taro Tarot. They have the same dancey-techno vibe as a lot of bands on the indie circuit, but those other bands don't have Anna Barie's primal scream, which tore through the crowd like a feral tiger, all ravenous and bloodthirsty. A pure force of nature, as beautiful as it was terrifying. (More pics below.) 

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Jemina Pearl

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These Are Powers

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