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A Juilliard Halloween

Ok, a chamber music concert might not be most people's idea of how to celebrate Halloween, but when the Juilliard Quartet is in town to play the People's Symphony, count me in. These guys may have been passed on the hype meter awhile back by some of their proteges (Emerson, Tokyo, etc.) but there remains no greater group of string players in this country, if not the world. 

Tonight, the Juilliard played mostly chestnuts, which are only chestnuts because they helped make them so. Schubert's "Rosamunde" was effortless and vigorous. Bartok's 2nd was creepy and ominous - perfect for halloween, especially with a hard rain falling outside. And Beethoven's last quartet (Op. 135) was simply untouchable, with Nick Eanet - who replaced longtime first violinist Joel Smirnoff earlier this summer - giving the most heartfelt performance of the Lento I've ever heard.

Now, onto parties. (More pics below.)
DSC02946 DSC02947