l'Eglise du Pop
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Japandroids (Vancover, BC) 1am set last night at Le Divan Orange sold out, but I managed to get in early enough to snag a spot right up front. Little did I know that would end up being the worst spot in the house, as the crowd erupted into a violent scrum the moment the duo's speedball set started. Guitarist Brian King didn't help matters when he called up his Grizzly Adams-like merch dude to take a stage dive, then challenged the audience to keep him up.

"We were in Buffalo, and they kept him up for three minutes," Brian said. "C'mon Montreal, you don't want to lose to the Sabres, do you?"

That touched off a series of sloppy crowd surfs, most of which ended with hard crashes to the floor, or girls getting kicked in the face. Your's truly almost caught a bloody nose, followed by a violent karate chop on my shoulder blade, which still smarts today. Mon Dieu, I'm getting too old for this merde.