Settling "The Score"
Fun Fun Fun Fest - Sunday Pics

Fun Fun Fun Fest - Saturday Pics

DSC03262 All in all, it was a real hoot this past weekend down in Austin at the fourth annual  Fun Fun Fun Fest, where I managed to catch nearly 30 bands ranging from hardcore, to post rock, to silly dance. Thanks very much to festival organizers for the press access, which got me into the media tent and the photo pits at the Blue and Orange stages (you had to fight your way to the front at the Black Stage.) Check 'em out after the jump. (Note: each stage has color-coded banners.)

Sat. November 7DSC03117 DSC03116 Sugar and Gold (San Francisco, CA)
DSC03118 DSC03119 DSC03122 DSC03123 DSC03127 Young Widows (Louisville, KY)
DSC03129 DSC03126 DSC03130 DSC03131 Times New Viking (Columbus, OH)DSC03144 DSC03134 DSC03137 DSC03136 
DSC03138 DSC03148 DSC03145 DSC03150 DSC03149
DSC03155 Foot Slave (Austin, TX)DSC03156 DSC03158 DSC03160 DSC03161 DSC03163 DSC03164 DSC03166 Shonen Knife (Osaka, Japan)DSC03168 DSC03179 DSC03178 DSC03175 DSC03176
Vega (Austin, TX)DSC03181 DSC03185
DSC03196 DSC03193 DSC03183 DSC03209 DSC03201
DSC03212 DSC03214 DSC03211 Russian Circles (Chicago, IL)DSC03220 DSC03217 DSC03219 DSC03218 DSC03222 DSC03224 DSC03225 James Husband (from Of Montreal)DSC03226 DSC03236 DSC03230 DSC03234 DSC03227 DSC03237 DSC03239 The Sword (Austin, TX)DSC03241 DSC03245  DSC03243 DSC03263 DSC03259
DSC03257 DSC03267 No Age (Los Angeles, CA)DSC03277 DSC03273
DSC03271 DSC03275 DSC03280 DSC03288 DSC03291 DSC03297 DSC03315 DSC03299 DSC03319 DSC03311 DSC03330 DSC03327
SSION (Kansas City, MO)DSC03347 DSC03344 DSC03348DSC03351 DSC03354 DSC03357 Death (Detroit, MI)DSC03363 DSC03364 DSC03366 DSC03368 DSC03369 Fucked Up (Toronto, ON)DSC03371 DSC03374 DSC03378 DSC03389 DSC03386 DSC03410 DSC03422 DSC03408 DSC03418 DSC03431 DSC03439 Cool Kids (Chicago, IL)DSC03446 Les Savy Fav (Brooklyn, NY)DSC03456 DSC03463 

AfterpartiesDSC03469 Ritmo 3 (Austin, TX)DSC03474
 Brownout (Austin, TX)DSC03486DSC03490