Double Trouble
Festivus (for the Rest of Us)

Wine, Wo(men), Song


In between World Series games this week, I paid my first visit to City Winery: a swank new venue on Varick St. which pairs wine and small plates with live music, mostly of the singer-songwriter variety. The block-long brick structure is the brainchild of Knitting Factory founder Michael Dorf, who wanted to combine his twin passions of wine and music: in addition to an extensive wine list, they make three wines on property, available in carafes shaped like chemistry beakers

Nashville's Matthew Perryman Jones warmed things up with a short set of tender songs about love and loss, sung in a pretty, plaintive voice. He was followed by Shawn Colvin, who played a quiet, soaring two hour set spanning her entire catalogue, including "Trouble," "Polaroids," and the Grammy Award-winning "Sunny Came Home." Honestly, I can't remember the last time I had such a blissful night out in NYC. (If you want to get a sense of what you missed, check out her new album Live ,recorded at Yoshi's in San Francisco last year.) 

Speaking of Austin, I'm headed there right now for the 4th annual Fun Fun Fun Fest: the Waterloo Park mini-festival I attended previously in 2007. Check back here for periodic updates throughout the weekend.  (More pics below.)DSC03016 

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