Grade: C

Staying Home

 10.1.27 003I didn't have any major musical ventures this past week, opting to stay local and play host to some friends at my favorite watering hole/music spot: Barbès. Which isn't at all a bad thing, considering regulars Slavic Soul Party and the Mandingo Ambassadors (pictured above) were in residence, whipping up their crowds into a dancing whirl. In between, electric guitar quartet Dither played Bethany's Stochastic Brooklyn, performing composed and improvised music that ranged from eerie ambiance to (dis)organized noise, via an array of effects pedals and electronic noisemakers. Some of my friends came from as far away as Woodside, Queens, and loved it so much they insisted they'd be back again soon. Just buzz me when you get off the F train, and I'll make my way down. 10.1.27 001 Slavic Soul Party 10.1.27 004 Dither 10.1.27 007 Mandingo Ambassadors