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Voices Carry

 DSC06632This week's big diva explosion may be uptown, but for true vocal ability, last night's double bill at Bowery Ballroom was hard to beat. Toronto's Basia Bulat played a rootsy solo set, accompanying her powerful, penetrating vibrato with fierce autoharp and guitar. A real talent; here's hoping she brings her full band the next time she comes to town.

My Brightest Diamond, playing their first NYC show in over a year, took a more high-concept approach, filling the stage with white ladders and balloons; a young girl passed out balloon animals during intermission. Lead singer Shara Worden, who's been spending more and more time following pseudo-classical pursuits, was a commanding stage presence with her flamboyant attire and voice of operatic proportions. (Worden studied voice at the University of North Texas before being seduced by the rock siren.) Oh, and she played lead guitar, joined by Nathan Lithgow on bass and Brian Wolfe on drums. DSC06665

Why this show (at $15 a ticket) had tickets available at the door while that talentless harpy managed to sell out four nights at Radio City says a lot about the state of our brainless culture. In short: it's the triumph of Hype over Substance. Hope it was worth the $200+. (More pics below and on the Fan Page.)

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