Take Two: Boston
The Preserver

Alberta Cross/Hacienda/Your Nature

 10.2.5 012"We've played here before as openers, but headlining in New York is really something special." Alberta Cross

A trio of roots rockers lit up Bowery Ballroom last night, led by London/Brooklyn quintet Alberta Cross and their high-pitched lead singer, Petter Ericson Stakee. Opening for them was Hacienda: a bunch of wide-eyed, gyrating kids from San Antonio who jammed retro rock and roll from both the early and late 60's. Like a bar band night, with far better sound. (More pics below.)

 10.2.5 003Your Nature (Brooklyn, NY) 10.2.5 004 Hacienda (San Antonio, TX) 10.2.5 009 Alberta Cross (Brooklyn, NY/London, UK)    10.2.5 013