Wavelength Finale

Toronto New Sounds

 10.2.13 toronto 061 Not satisfied with limiting myself to indie rock, folk, jazz, and blues, I also took time last weekend to explore the outer fringe of Toronto's musical landscape. Saturday night, the Music Gallery - Toronto's main home for new and experimental music - hosted Montreal's Quasar Saxophone Quartet, in a concert that featured commissions by composers from across Canada. Edmonton's Piotr Grella-Mozejko created a swirling storm of pre-recorded sounds and live playing, while Victoria's Daniel Peter Biro was inspired by the biblical Tower of Babel, filling his piece with toneless blowing and chanting in various languages. 10.2.14 toronto 050The following night at Tranzac, local composer/saxophonist Kyle Brenders served up some very free jazz in the Southern Cross Lounge. In addition to his own instrument, Brenders' band consisted of a pair of trombonists and a madman drummer who threw his cymbals around like plates and played the rim of his snare with a bow. (The bassist was apparently home sick.) It was at turns violent and peaceful, atmospheric and crazy. In other words: well worth the (no) cover. (More pics below.)

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10.2.13 toronto 057
10.2.13 toronto 064  10.2.13 toronto 062  10.2.14 toronto 049  10.2.14 toronto 046
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10.2.14 toronto 057