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Sunday in the Funk (with George)

 PfunkThe Godfather of Funk, George Clinton, has landed in town with the P-Funk All Stars, and is currently gearing up - by whatever means necessary - for one of his marathon sets tonight at B.B. King's. (Tickets, at the moment, are still available.) Clinton was also up in Toronto last Sunday, which just happened to be Valentine's Day. ( I was up to other things) In anticipation, Clinton offered up this jewel of a Q&A to Toronto's Now Magazine:

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Damn. I haven’t thought about that in so many years! I dunno. Soon as you asked me the question, first thing I thought about was breasts!

How do people in outer space celebrate Valentine’s Day?

They give each other a box of candy that reads “Dees nuts!”

How will we celebrate Valentine’s Day in the future?

Oh man, with wrinkles. They gotta give each other hard candy. That’ll keep ’em real hard.

What's your advice to folks who might be seeing you for the first time tonight?

There’s gonna be lots of booty-shaking. Tell everyone to bring an extra booty.

(Show starts at 8p; tickets available at the door.)