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Honky Tonk Closer

 DSC09306-1With all this rock and pop floating around town, its easy to forget that Austin is the capital of Texas. And, in Texas, people listen to country music. A lot of it. So, it's only fitting that I close out my weekend down at the very southern end of Manchaca at an authentic honky tonk called Giddy Up's, which is finishing up a two-day country music festival with over fifty bands. There's sawdust on the floor, and I'm literally the only person here not wearing boots, or doing a two-step.

My new friend Rich, who plays lead guitar in Lonesome Heroes (and was James Moore's college roommate) tells me he grew up in Greenpoint but moved here five years ago because he wanted to play country music. "I do miss New York," he says, "but it's just so much easier to live here." One of these days, I might just be convinced of the same.

Sun Set

I got my car back (Cost: $193.70), and was headed to my brother's house when I stumbled on this sundrenched house party with Austin's Bright Light Social Hour, who play blues rock with heaps of hipster swagger and fun, raunchy lyrics. I'll pass on the free beer, but gimme one of thos Mikes Hard Mango Punches.

Staying Put

I was about to mosey on to the next venue, but when I went to where I left my car at the Jack In The Box next door, it was gone. As in: towed. Fortunately, there's still free beer and bands to be had right here, like Austin's The White, White Lights, who play proggy rock fronted by a redhead singer who swings between Billie Holiday sultriness and Courtney Love screaming.

BTW, in case you hadn't heard, "Hole" (minus Eric Erlandson and Melissa Auf der Maur) reunited here for several shows this week; no word on any planned tours/albums.


Sunny Sunday

The sun's back out today, and even if the air is still chilly, spirits are significantly warmed up. Currently, I'm in a parking lot out back of some stores on Guadalupe near UT, with no fewer than six stages hosting 40 local bands and DJs, all of whom are more-than-willing to play now that all the industry-types are on their way to the airport and all the touring bands are on their way to their next destination. On the mainstage now is Built By Snow, who mix guitars and drums with electronic blips and beeps, which is fun and musically satisfying.

They'll be going here till late. And, yes, more free Lone Star.