Feast of Music Presents - Vol. 1

 Feastofmusic_littlefield_image002Last night's first-ever of Feast of Music Presents brought a little bit of everything to the back room of Littlefield, located on an unassuming stretch of Degraw Street between 3rd and 4th Ave in the Gowanus. Tables and chairs were set out for those who got in early; others either stood or made themselves comfortable sitting directly on the stone floor. 

Violinist/fiddler Tom Swafford kicked things off with a rocking solo set that melded everything from Bach to bluegrass. itsnotyouitsme held the room spellbound with a somber-yet-soaring stretch of drones and pings. Toronto's John Kameel Farah played a monstrously energetic set, combining classical and jazz piano with dubstep and Middle Eastern rhythms - which flowed straight into SAADI's synth-pop, laced with Arabic and Nigerian music (not to mention a killer light show.)

Thanks to everyone that came out on a busy Thursday night, be it for the music, the drinks, or the free Peeps. Special thanks to Julie, Scott, Duke, Pete, and Cassie for all their help. And, of course, thanks to Tom, Caleb & Grey, John and Boshra for showing everyone that a well-balanced Feast can come from all kinds of musical trays.

Calendar Alert: The next FoM Presents will be May 12 with Kyklos, Ljova and the Kontraband, and a string-enhanced Twice as Bright. See you there!

(More pics on the FoM Flickr Page.) Picture1