Bleak Hour

Americans Abroad

DSC01044It's clear to me now, six hours-plus into my first visit to here, that the Spanish are hopelessly addicted to American music. Their bands sound a lot like American bands. They pack a secondary stage to see Beach House: a perfectly fine but not exactly remarkable band from Baltimore. And now, I'm listening to Wilco on the San Miguel mainstage, and there are Spanish kids walking by singing all the words, in perfect American accents. Why no Spanish bands have broken through the way bands from France and the UK have shows just how challenging it is to adopt an existing style and make it your own. 

But with festivals like Primavera constantly blowing through town, it's only a matter of time before something sticks. As Jeff Tweedy just reminded us: "Every band you could ever want to see that matters is here this weekend, all in one place."