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Redux Solution

  040 primavera soundThere's definitely something strange about flying 3000 miles to see a lot of the same bands I've already seen over the past year. To wit: currently playing on various stages around Parc del Forum are A Sunny Say in Glasgow, Harlem, and The New Pornographers (sans Nico.) So, its both ironic and refreshing that the most picturesque stage here is the entry-level adidas Originals stage, which is right next to the water, and almost certainly a pay-to-play venue for up-and-coming locals. On stage now is Holywater, who aren't doing anything new, but playing tight and good straight-ahead rock. Can't think of a better place I'd rather finish my San Miguel.

Seated Show

I'm glad to be seeing Owen and Thomas again here in Barcelona. And, it makes sense to have them play the Auditori stage: this is music that rewards intense concentration, which would be nearly impossible outdoors. But, this is a Seated auditorium. Result: noone is moving, and the excitement over what's happening is definitely more muted than it was when I saw them at Webster Hall last month. In other words: it feels like I'm at the IMAX.  DSC00841

Primavera 10

Greetings from Barcelona, where the warm sun is cooled by the breezy Mediterranean. And, what better way to enjoy this fantastic first day in Spain than at the 10th edition of Primavera Sound at the Parc del Forum, right down on the water. Ironically, tonight's kickoff act - Owen Pallett - is playing indoors at the cavernous Auditori, and the line to get in snakes around the building. Of course, Owen's well worth missing an hour or so of daylight; glad to see so many others agree.


  Bannerps_enI'll be taking off tonight for my first-ever trip to Spain: home of flamenco, the guitar, and some of the most cutting-edge indie and electronic music in the world. First stop is Barcelona, which is hosting the 10th annual Primavera Sound festival this weekend. Tomorrow's lineup alone is enough to make you drool: everyone from Beach House and Owen Pallett, to The Pixies and Wilco. Stay tuned for updates.